Do you recognize this GORGEOUS ANONYMOUS ?

This GORGEOUS (also on the inside) ANONYMOUS (not any longer) has been designated by Charlotte for all the conversations they have about all possible subjects and her nice, open and free mind while discussing things.

If you do recognize her, just leave a comment with her name. If your guess is right, you can nominate the next GORGEOUS ANONYMOUS I’ll portray.

GORGEOUS ANONYMOUS is a project I am starting to give a voice (and a face) to true, sincere, openhearted connections on social media: I draw portraits of GORGEOUS ANONYMOUS persons that have been designated by one of their social media connections for their spontaneous help, amazing support, unconditional presence or just for a small heartwarming intention. Gorgeous Anonymous portraits are a way to says: “I’m grateful for what you are and for what you do!”.

Why did I start this project?
I believe in the healing power of sincere and openhearted connections: Feeling connected, truly connected brings a ray of sunshine to our lives, makes us keep going, makes it easier to step from our downs back to our ups!
Social media friendships and networks are great to keep in touch, but fail at making us feel valuable, recognized, seen for what we really are and do.
Through this GORGEOUS ANONYMOUS project, I want to use social media as a gratefulness loudspeaker, as an openhearted connection builder! Yeah!!!
So, let’s give a face to the GORGEOUS ANONYMOUS people amongst us!

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